Sakib Salim has always been a renegade in today’s society. His outlooks and philosophies were far from the conventional person. He took risks, did some wrong, made some mistakes, but through it all, he lived his life exactly how he wanted to; something else most of us can’t say we did. He did everything many of today’s general public was far too scared to. He was often misunderstood because of this but he always knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. Conformity was something he abandoned and that’s what I respected most about him. It aided to his uniqueness and truly made him stand out in a crowd. As much as someone can try to describe him in words, that is not a possibility. Experiences with him were the only way to truly understand who Sakib Salim was. Just by talking to him and seeing him, people can say that he was about living life on the edge and living for the craziest moments that a person can ask for. But the real Sakib truly lived for the personal moments with his best friends. He was one of the most personal and heart-felt people that you will ever meet.

With the help of his charisma, charm, love, intelligence, fearlessness and most importantly, loyalty, he was loved and admired by everyone who was smart enough to take the opportunity to get to know him. He was a friend so genuine, so sincere, and so loving, it was impossible to draw the line between him from your own family; a friend who would be there when no one else was; a friend that would throw it all on the line to benefit those around him. The bottom line is that he is a friend that cannot be replaced. I was lucky enough to watch Sakib grow as a person from his junior year in college. If you looked at the progression from a superficial view, you would say that Sakib never changed and was the same person as he grew older. I knew that wasn’t true because Sakib changed and grew significantly more than almost anybody that I have ever met in my life.

Everyone that ever met him said that he was an amazing person to be around. It’s hard to describe exactly why everyone he ever met felt like that. I believe that it was truly because Sakib had an aura that attracted people towards him. That reason was why I saw Sakib filled with all the potential in the world. It was sad that his life was cut short because he had finally gotten to the verge of realizing that potential and unleashing it on the world. I can’t even say rest in peace because I know his spirit is still alive and kicking, living it up through all of us. Sakib Salim, I love you for not only what you were in my life, but for an innocence you had in your heart that the rest of the world can use so much more of.

Never afraid to speak his mind, he was selfless at the same time never letting anyone close to him feel down or depressed always keeping everyone entertained with his charm and charisma. Many people will remember him by his willingness to communicate with other, never staying quiet always having stories to tell about everything and being the life of the party. Like one of the words used to describe him, irreplaceable, is what he is to everyone who has known him. There is no one or nothing that can replace Sakib but the positives that we can learn from him is never regret our actions and live life to the fullest because that is what he would have done and would want us to do and no one knows what tomorrow may bring.