Arturo Alejandro Laulo was born on December 29th, 1988 and was taken from the world on August 19th, 2010. He was well known to the Baruch College community to be the face of Sigma Beta Rho. He wooed ladies and made friends with all of the guys. He was a member of the Undergraduate Student Government and donated blood like it was his job. The entire Student Activities office at Baruch knew that Arturo was one of the most active students during the 4 years that he attended the institution.

After Arturo’s passing, stories of his good nature kept pouring in to his parents who couldn’t believe that their shy Arturo was actually one of the most popular students to walk the escalators and ride the elevators of Baruch. He said “Hola!” to 9 out of 10 passing females who all knew him. We thought there was something genuinely wrong with him; why else would a person be so nice and innocent?

He followed the guidelines of Baruch College as if it were a map of making the most of a collegiate experience. In his Freshman year, he made close friends, explored Baruch, and started looking into student organizations which he would have liked to join. During his relentless search, he had no idea that one of his best friends, Jason Huang (Brother Namor) was pledging for the Beta Line of Sigma Beta Rho. When he found out in the Winter 2006, he was immediately interested in the Fraternity and what it had to offer him. While recruiting Arturo, we pointed out every benefit that we could in order to convince him to pledge, but at that point, we didn’t realize that Arturo would give us so much more than we could give him.

He became Brother Wakko in the Spring of 2007, and made it known to everyone that crossed his path that he was a Cobra and nothing less. During the first semester after crossing, he served Baruch as the Philanthropy chair and that year we held more than 10 community service events which Baruch College and other Greeks noticed us for. Later, Wakko would be teased with a chant because of his undeniable, undying need to serve his community. In the halls of Baruch, Brothers would yell “Sah-sah-SOCIETY!” just to make him mad, but he would shake his head and grin.
“He was never angry and always helped a Brother in need. He was a great shoulder to cry on and an amazing listener.” – Akash Prasad, Brother Krusty

He was never angry and always helped a Brother in need. He was a great shoulder to cry on and an amazing listener. Arturo soon became known as the Brother who took care of everyone, whether they were sick or drank too much. As his Big Brother, I had the opportunity of spending a lot of time with him. He spoke very highly of me, and constantly motivated me to work hard when I tried to give anything up.

His highly positive nature, coupled with his charm and good looks, made Arturo very approachable. On trips to the library, he would make friends. On his study abroad adventure, ladies fell in love with him. And in the New York City region, Brothers adored his respect for his elders and his warm personality.

Upon finding out the news about Arturo, Brother Wakko, my Little Brother, I cried, and cried, and cried. My line Brother, Rohan Agarwal, Brother Stunna from Gamma Chapter, came over to my workplace within 20 minutes and said something to me that calmed me down, and his words made me understand why such a seemingly cruel thing would happen and whenever I think about my Little Brother, I repeat his words. “God takes the Angels first”, God takes the Angels first, God takes the Angels first.”

Arturo Alejandro Laulo is gone. His 2 blood donations a year will no longer happen, he won’t be there to paint schools, read to kids, comfort women, or physically take care of his Brothers, but he is an Angel, his wings are wide, and he is now watching over us.

Even in death, he makes me feel confident.