I last talked to AK, as he was affectionately known, the Thursday night he died. It was one of the random calls we’re both accustomed to making, just to check in on people we care about. Always interested in the well being of others, he prodded me with questions, and knowing the one-sidedness of his style, I reflected them back to him. We talked of many things. He was always good at making others see things from his perspective. He told me that the most important thing to him was the personal aspect of the brotherhood – that he would be there for me and any other brother the same way they would be there for him. And yet now he’s gone, but still there for me in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible until it dawned on me.

Everyone who has ever known AK has known him to be an exemplar of excellence in all possible applications of the term. He strove to perform at the highest level and had the highest aspirations for himself and everyone he got involved with. And when the water level of challenge ebbed, he responsively adjusted his ambitions accordingly to be that much higher than where he stood at the time. There was no giving an inch in order to take a mile with him – he just pushed. He was his own man, always saying what he wanted to say and doing what he wanted to do. And what’s more, but he pushed everyone else with him so that we’d be on the same level. Perhaps it is this infectious aura, the synthesis of his selfless devotion and enchanting charisma, which those who came to love him will remember and cherish most about him. Our minds have become reliquaries for the touching conversations we shared with him, and the wisdom and ideas he bestowed upon us.

A man of character and conviction, Akash Jacob Kuruvilla will always be there for us in the lessons he shared and the examples he set.
– National President Ari Stillman

Even to those brothers who had yet to meet him, having just crossed into the fraternity, his name and deeds preceded him in the fond stories and normative exploits told by brothers across the nation. Why was this? How could just one man have such a significant impact and become such an icon for many to look to for inspiration and precedent? Akash was the living embodiment of what brotherhood should be. From calling an injured brother in the hospital daily that he hardly knew to trekking across the nation for fraternity events, AK has always been there for us. As National Philanthropy Chair, he helped established the modus operandi for which we have been and will continue to carry out our first pillar, that of giving back to society, on a national level. His efforts in planning the Southeast Unity Mixer and his fervent involvement with NAPA, APIA, and SAAVY, among others, helped to manifest events and actions indicative of our third pillar, remembrance. He could never be a passive observe. AK was an activist to the fullest extent of the word. No one could network like he did, and no one else could accomplish as much in such a short period of time.

A man of character and conviction, Akash Jacob Kuruvilla will always be there for us in the lessons he shared and the examples he set. Our experiences with him emanate in our hearts like beacons of goodness, reminding us of a man who thought he could do it all and was on the road to doing it. He had so much left in him; he really hadn’t even gotten started. He wanted the world, and in time, given his dedication to his ambitions, he would have had it. I love Akash and will cherish the times we shared for eternity. May all that he touched find peace in their hearts and in the memories that will be theirs for all time.